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Frat Pack Slash
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frat pack slash
A community for Frat Pack slash and pics, RPS or character-based. I started this primarily for Zoolander, Old School, Wedding Crashers, Starsky & Hutch, Royal Tenenbaums, Dodgeball and Bottle Rocket, but we don't have to stick to the films with more than one Pack'r in. Things like A Night At The Roxbury, Anchorman, Blades of Glory, Rushmore, Swingers, and Made are more than welcome too! As long as one of the core members is involved, it's all good.


1). All posts should be either fic or pic related - no off topic.
2). More than two pics should be placed under a cut.
3). All fics (except G to PG-13 drabbles) should be placed under a cut.
4). All ratings are allowed, but please put R-rated or NC-17 drabbles under a cut.
5). Please use the following header for all fics, and please tag your work so that others can search with ease:

Word Count:
Summary and/or Authors Notes (if applicable):
Warnings (if applicable):

6). No flaming.
7). This community is open to all ages, so if you are underage, please be responsible and respectful of our authors/artists by not reading/viewing/writing/commenting on adult rated material.
8). HAVE FUN! This is all in the spirit of the frat pack!

Moderator: fastfoodjunkie for all questions, comments, etc.

Disclaimer: All works herein are fiction and do not in any way reflect the lives of the source figures. No member of this group is affiliated with any of the names mentioned.