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06 May 2007 @ 16:29
The Beginning  
Welcome to fratslash, a community for slash-loving fans of the frat pack (and related) movies! I'm starting off with zero members here, and at the moment imagine this will go the way of so many communities - i.e. nowhere...still, we can hope! RPS is welcome here too, so you really can post ANYthing related to the frat pack (so tags are essential, to make searching easy), just as long as at least one of the core members is involved. I really do think it would be great to accumulate a big old archive.

Rules and guidelines are in the user info, and if you have any suggestions or questions please don't hesitate to get hold of me.
iskytheiskiskytheisk on 21st July 2007 22:19 (UTC)
second member..?
Well hey there too. I'm new(ish) to LJ, and thought there no better place to jump in than on this fabulous, though sadly undermanned community. And is it wrong that having just watched Dodgeball, the whole White/food fetish thing has filled me with lots of bad fic ideas..?
iskytheiskiskytheisk on 21st July 2007 22:21 (UTC)
Re: second member..?
Oh, and love your icon, Ailette! Sam Tyler IS the Master!
Ailetteailette on 23rd July 2007 20:36 (UTC)
Re: second member..?
I still haven't seen most of the fratpack movies (someone willing to donate some money? :D ) - but there are no BAD FIC ideas. Every idea for a fic is good. Especially if it is slash, of course. XD

I love my icon, too... XD It's made by the great ayuamarca. John Simm is just ... masterly. X3 And thanks to Doctor Who I'm singing "I Can't Decide" nonstop. Sadly, nobody understands why... ;) Is that Clark in your icon?

Mmmh... since the Mod isn't really doing anything, maybe we should try to promote this comm a little?
Junkie: roxburyfastfoodjunkie on 23rd July 2007 22:02 (UTC)
Re: second member..?
Hi! Sorry, I had a complete lack of an internet connection for a while there, but am back now! It's really nice to see a few people jumping on the idea - I created the comm with the idea of then going round promoting it, but then lost my connection and so it's just sat here. Any help you can give in promotion would be great! I imagine it'll be the kind of comm that'll just grow slowly, hopefully.
Ailette: Master Yayailette on 23rd July 2007 22:26 (UTC)
Re: second member..?
Well, then, welcome back! XD
I'll see if I can promote a little tomorrow, because right now I am about to fall asleep in front of my Computer (should have slept a little yesterday). Anyway, happy we've got our mod back! *cuddles you*
Junkie: cookiemonsterfastfoodjunkie on 25th July 2007 21:48 (UTC)
Re: second member..?
You're a star! I'll post up a bit of fic this evening at some point, just so there's something there! I'm not sure I've actually got any completed frat fics, but I've got loads of bits and pieces, so I must have something I can cobble together. Hope you got a bit of sleep in the end! x
iskytheiskiskytheisk on 25th July 2007 23:42 (UTC)
Re: second member..?
Well I don't know how much use I'll be on the promotions front as this is my very first community and third ever post on LiveJournal, but I agree it should be promoted. It is Clark indeed, with an itty-bitty Lex in the background, my one and only icon, of which I'm tragically proud! Just watched Anchorman tonight, one of my all time favourite fratpack movies ('sky rockets in flight', 'I love lamp', 'great Odin's raven!') and am ruminating on some Ron Burgundy/Mantooth ideas - I mean there was a kiss so it's practically canon!
Junkiefastfoodjunkie on 26th July 2007 00:18 (UTC)
Re: second member..?
Burgundy/Mantooth would be fantastic! The Ferrell/Vaughn combo is a classic, for sure!
(Anonymous) on 20th August 2007 22:59 (UTC)
umm... sry but whats a frat pack? is it in any way like a fanni pack? is it like all frat movies? i love Night at the Roxbury, though. Good icon choice.
Vestigial Zizel Gillsvzg on 1st September 2007 23:47 (UTC)
It's a play on the "Rat Pack" name and refers to several actors, such as Will Ferrell and Ben Stiller.

But when all else fails, man, just Wikipedia it. It gives you a starting point, if nothing else.
Ravynne_Rune: talladega kissravynnerune on 25th August 2007 01:33 (UTC)
Yay, I joined the second I saw this community. I love the icon of Will Ferrell hugging Chris Kattan. (can I use it?) My slash pairings are as follows: Will/Chris, Will/Sacha and Will/John (Heder). I love Will because that man has so many gorgeous men surrounding him and they can never keep their hands off each other. I write slash but (and some of you are gonna hate me) I detest Vince Vaughn... I mean it, *puke*. And the very idea of Will Ferrell and Vince Vaughn together is absolutely tasteless... :-P
The Original Slashjunky: Will Ferrell - Fuck youemcee_mana on 6th September 2007 04:47 (UTC)
Question for future possible RPS-

Are you counting the Junior Varsity as part of the Frat Pack? Because I would love to write me some Paul Rudd/Steve Carell so hard. (Which, I suppose, would count anyways because it has Steve)