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10 June 2008 @ 19:00
Will Ferrell is a Naughty Boy!  
I made another MV! Check it out :D

I'm the author of 'Double or Nothing' posted below btw, I just have a different account completely devoted to Will

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asarelahasarelah on 11th June 2008 00:30 (UTC)
Yes! I thought this comm was dead!

*tackles you*

Don't leave! Stay here! Write more stories!
earls_gaydragon: Naughty Boy - Will & Sacha Kissearls_gaydragon on 12th June 2008 01:54 (UTC)
I'll eventually write more but I'll definitely work on an Owen and Ben mv in the meantime :3

And I'll definitely stick around, I love the idea for this comm.! More ppl should post here :O
jerluvsdean: pic#70207832jerluvsdean on 5th January 2009 05:43 (UTC)
Hello! X3333333 I wasn't even looking for you, was trying to
look if there was a mention of Dwight anywhere around here XD