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10 June 2008 @ 19:00
I made another MV! Check it out :D

I'm the author of 'Double or Nothing' posted below btw, I just have a different account completely devoted to Will

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18 January 2008 @ 00:33
*tumbleweeds roll by* 

Hello? Anyone out there? 


"Accidental".  Owen/Ben RPS, rated R.  Not my work,  just something I found.

Maybe the comm would be more lively if I recruited some people from the various journals I've linked to...
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11 January 2008 @ 22:24

*pokes comm in the side*

Come on people, wake up! Here's a nice little bit of fluff that I found.
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04 January 2008 @ 23:13
Anyone still alive out there? I've got a nice link to some lovely Starsky/Hutch R-rated movieverse slash that I found. Lemme dangle it out here to try and wake you up.


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21 December 2007 @ 22:09


Owen Wilson and Ben Stiller RPS fiction I found. I have more fratslash links from various sources bookmarked, I'll post it all gradually.

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07 October 2007 @ 11:27
I love the idea for this community but it's way too quiet in here! So I'm posting fanfiction.

Title: Double or Nothing
Pairing: WillFerrell/SachaBaronCohen
Warning: slash, RPS, language
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I make no money from this, or receive any kind of gift, not even offerings of food :-( I am just a poor writer with an insatiable love for Will/Sacha slash... please don't sue, I own nothing but a pair of smelly socks...


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Title: Routine
Character(s)/Pairing: Anthony/Dignan (Bottle Rocket)
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 762
Summary and/or Authors Notes (if applicable): This jumps around a bit and is sort of unfinished. I wanted to go into a lot more detail, but got a bit stumped, so decided to leave it as is. There was meant to be smut at the end, too!
Warnings (if applicable):

RoutineCollapse )
06 May 2007 @ 16:29
Welcome to fratslash, a community for slash-loving fans of the frat pack (and related) movies! I'm starting off with zero members here, and at the moment imagine this will go the way of so many communities - i.e. nowhere...still, we can hope! RPS is welcome here too, so you really can post ANYthing related to the frat pack (so tags are essential, to make searching easy), just as long as at least one of the core members is involved. I really do think it would be great to accumulate a big old archive.

Rules and guidelines are in the user info, and if you have any suggestions or questions please don't hesitate to get hold of me.